Sunday, December 12, 2010

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Tales from the Poorhouse

I have been contributing to the radio show “Tales from the Poorhouse” on KMSU. It is a prompt-driven, story and music show from southern Minnesota. Each episode will include three or four writers telling stories based on a common prompt, such as: “The deep hole” (a recent example). Essentially, a group of writers meet at an apartment. We are given a prompt and about two hours to write and revise. Then we all read and record our stories.

The makers of the show posted one of my contributions on their Podcast. I am a bit shocked by this seeing as how I read the same short story at an open mic about a week ago and it (in the words of my grandmother) went over like a lead balloon. No one laughed. Anyway, below is a link to the “Tales from the Poorhouse” Podcast. You should check out my reading and the story by Ben Wheeler. It is hysterical. The show is very postmodern. At the end of Ben's story you can hear me talking to Geoff Herbach. But please be warned, someone does drop an F-bomb.