Tuesday, November 5, 2013

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Top Ten Quotes From My Four-Year-Old Daughter.

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10. The toilet smells like popcorn. THE TOILET SMELLS LIKE POPCORN!!!!!!!!
9. I love tickle spiders.
8. My bum is little. Tristan’s bum is little. Mom’s bum is little. Daddy’s bum is big.
7. You interrupted me!
6. You need a quiet time, Daddy!
5. I’m not cranky. I’m just Norah.
4. I won’t hug you unless you give me a dollar.
3. I’m so frustrated. Let me in the freaking car!
2. I’m a princess from Swan Lake! I can do what I want!
1. Daddy, you’re cute.

What are your kids favorite lines?

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Ethan said...

When I worked at a camp summer before last, around about the third time I had to ask my 14-year-old campers what a slang word they used meant, one of them exclaimed, "Man, it's like you don't know any words at all!"

Clint said...

Ethan: That's funny!