Sunday, December 22, 2013

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What I Love About Being A Husband

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I love that each year Mel becomes more familiar to me. She likes to plant snapdragons and tomatoes, the crevices of her hands lined with soil. When she is excited, when she is embarrassed, and when she laughs, she curls her toes.

I love the way we complement each other. Mel manages our budget because I am poor with numbers, and she cooks because I burn things. I communicate with service people and bank tellers because Mel doesn’t enjoy talking over the phone and I bathe the kids because hunching over the tub hurts her back.

I love having someone to sleep next to.

I love receiving an unprompted text message in the middle of the day that reads, “I love you.”

I love that Mel enjoys my strange sense of humor. This can be seen in the odd nicknames I have created for her: Cutest of the Cute-Cutes (the Cute-Cutes are a tribe and Mel is their leader), Princess Magnolia, Melfox, and Cute Town Next to Sexyville. 

I love that after almost ten years of marriage I still find her beautiful.

I often think about work issues, bills, and kid problems while I drive. And it seems like every time I get caught in nasty frustrated thoughts while gazing at the highway, Mel grips my right had as it rests on the shifter. Suddenly everything feels more manageable because her grip reminds me that I’m not in this alone.

I love when Mel and I spontaneously act like we don’t know each other. Sometimes this happens at the mall and sometimes in our kitchen. I approach her and use a cheesy pickup line: Do you have a map, because I’m lost in your eyes? Or Your mom must be a baker because you have a nice set of buns. We go back and forth for a while, trying to keep straight faces, and end with a dramatic dipped kiss.

I love when Mel and I sit on the sofa after the kids go to bed, both of us reading books and sporting thick framed glasses, her right leg over my left.

I love that when I get frustrated and irrational and tell Mel that I’m a failure as a writer, a husband, a father, or a provider, she looks me in the eyes and says, “Shut up.” She keeps me grounded.

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Clint Edwards is a tutor coordinator at Oregon State University. He is also the former co-host of the Weekly Reader on KMSU and a graduate of the MFA program at Minnesota State University. His writing has been listed as notable by Best American Essays, and has been published in The Baltimore Review, and through The University of North Dakota, Boston College, Emerson College, The University of South Carolina, and Minnesota State University. 


marilee said...

Do you really burn EVERYTHING? You should have Mel teach you how to cook so that you don't burn anything. She may need for you to cook for her some time (like when the baby comes). Besides, it would give you an excuse to spend more time with her. :) I love reading your blogs, although I could do without the cussing. Sometimes, I wonder if you stretch the truth a bit. I don't think you stretch the truth when you talk about your love for each other or your love for your kids (at least I hope not). Keep up the good work.