Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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The Emails of a Seven-Year-Old


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A few months ago Mel and I were chatting with a couple that have boys around the same age as our son Tristan. They mentioned that they helped their boys set up email accounts as a way to teach them about technology and communication. Mel and I thought it was a great idea, so we helped Tristan set up an email account, showed him how to use it, and then set him lose. I checked his account today hopeful that I might find some insight into his life. Perhaps discover his inner secrets, how much he really loves me, or find out that he has more depth to his character than the fart jokes he’s been saying at the dinner table. Below are a few examples of what I found.
I suppose I should be proud of the fact that Tristan's message failed twice, but he refused to give up. Obviously this was an important message.

Boom Boom = Fart Fart. We are through the looking glass here people.

Normally I end my posts with some kind of reflection. Something that shows new understanding on my part, or perhaps growth of myself as a father.  In this case, I think I only discovered what I already knew (so I suppose it wasn't a discovery at all).

My son has a fart obsession.

He also needs to lay off the kiwis.

The End

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Photo by Lucinda Higley


Mat said...

Well, you gotta admit: Boom Boom Edwards is a rather kickin' name.

Clint said...

When you put it that way, Mat, I think I might reconsider.