Monday, August 25, 2014

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This is Bryant and Katelyn and they are about to have their first baby.

My blog has reached the point where companies are sending me free stuff and asking me to write about it. It’s really cool, actually. I will admit.

Dad & Co. is a brand focused entirely on products for dads (how cool is that?).  They strive to make dad’s lives easier by producing products that encourage dads to bond with their children, help with daily care, and give you some items that don't have tiny flowers on them.

I will admit, that I honestly agree with what this company is doing. The goal of my blog is to help fathers feel more empowered and to value their place as fathers. I am really tired of sacrificing some of my masculinity every time Mel and I buy a diaper bag.

Anyway, Dad & Co. was very generous. They sent me a bunch of great products, and I didn’t feel right about keeping it all, so I decided to share my good fortune.

Bryant is currently in medical school. Both Bryant and Katelyn’s families are miles away. I went through graduate school with a new baby (Norah is now five). All of our family was in Utah. I know how challenging it is to be a student and a parent. Anything helps, so I gave this lovely couple a really great Dad & Co. diaper bag that Bryant can use and still feel empowered, and this awesome biking t-shirt that is well… just awesome.

I really do hope it helps. 

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