Sunday, September 14, 2014

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Lame Arguments I've Had With My Kids



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My kids argue with Mel andme about everything: eating anything other than Mac & Cheese, taking a bath, changing their underwear, getting undressed, not getting undressed, peeing on trees… Most of their arguments are clever, but not logically sound. Here are a few of the lame ones I’ve heard over the years.

Parent: Stop screwing around and pick up your toys.
Kid: Stop making me do stuff. It’s making me cry. Don’t you want me to like you?

Parent: Candy is bad for you.
Kid: Well… this candy is healthy. It’s shaped like fruit.

Parent: Your underwear smells like death. Go change it.
Kid: I think it smells good. Like hotdogs!

Parent: Did you read for 30 minutes today?
Kid: I read when I played Pokémon. That counts.

Parent: No. You don’t get dessert. You didn’t eat enough dinner.
Kid: Let’s do it just this once. We won’t tell mom. It’ll be fun!

Parent: Brush your teeth or they are going to fall out.
Kid: I want them to fall out. The tooth fairy will give me money. If I lose all my teeth I could probably buy an iPad.

Parent: Poptarts are bad for you.
Kid: Poptarts have fruit in them. Fruit is good.

Parent: Spit it out! I don’t want to dig through your turds if you swallow it.
Kid 1 (Watching): That would be so funny. Swallow it!
Kid 2 (Coin in mouth. Smiling)

Parent: Be quiet. You are going to wake the baby.
Kid: We need to make her strong.

Parent: You need to throw those shorts away. There is a hole in the crotch.
Kid: No! They are my favorite shorts. They keep pee pee cool.

What are some of the lame arguments you’ve had with your kids?

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