Sunday, November 9, 2014

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Lame Things My Kids Say To Get Out Of Trying New Food


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If it were up to my kids, they would eat only mac-n-cheese and dinosaur-shaped meat. They would also eat Lucky Charms, although I don’t really count that because they only eat the marshmallows. We present them with food options. They always argue, and frankly, their arguments are lame. Here are a few examples.

Eric ate a soft taco once and he said it tasted like garbage. Are you trying to make us eat garbage?

That looks like poo. I don’t eat poo.

If you make me eat that then I am going to cry. Do you want me to cry?

Fish makes my pee smell like fish. You should take me to the doctor.

If you make me eat that I will bite you (makes chomping sound with teeth).

I (gagging) can’t (gagging) eat that (gagging)!

Stop lying! Pokémon trainers don’t eat fried chicken.

I will only eat that if you give me $100. Or a pack of Bubble-Yum.

I can make my own dinner. It’s easy. (Opens fridge. Pulls out string cheese.) See.

If you make me eat that, then I will never, ever, talk to you again (folds arms).

Mom’s food makes me so mad!

I don’t want hair on my chest. I want Skylanders Swap Force.

When you make me eat things I don’t like I get mad. And then I get sad. And then I get sad and mad. You need’a love me more.

What are some of your kids’ lame arguments to get out of trying new things?

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