Friday, December 19, 2014

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When I Was a Baby (Remembering times past with my five-year-old) 2014

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Last year I posted some of the stories my four-year-old daughter Norah likes to tell about when she was a baby. She is now five, and still at it, so I decided to do another. These stories are always hilarious, and always a little strange.

This one time, when I was a baby, I went to the mall and bought a Cinderella dress, and shoes, and a monkey, and a ball of yarn. Then I put them all on, and went to the ball, where there were lots of spiders. Then I told the spiders that they were my babies, and the spiders went, “awww… I love you mommy.” And then we ate a string cheese.

This one time, when I was a baby, I went to the top of a mountain to fight a monster. But the monster ate me. And I said, “Hey monster, I don’t like it in here!” So the monster ate a baby sheep and we became best friends!

This one time, when I was a baby, my diaper was full of peanut butter cups, and I ate them, but they tasted like boogers. I said, “I don’t like boogers.” Then I ran, and ran, and ran, and ran… to the ocean to find a fish.

This one time, when I was a baby, I pooped in the tub. Then I went Wa! Wa! Wa! Then Bulbasaur (Pokémon) came to give me a cookie. Then we got married. I just love my prince.

This one time, when I was a baby, I built an ice castle and was all alone. I got sad, so made a baby snow man, and he made me laugh and laugh and laugh. But then the snowman ate me! So I climbed, and climbed, and climbed, out and said, “Don’t eat me!” And he didn’t. Then we had a million babies.

This one time, when I was a baby, mommy turned into a swordfish.

This one time, when I was a baby, I climbed up a tree and found a big stinky birdie. I said, “Birdie, why are you so stinky icky poopy?” Then the birdie said, “Because I love you.” Then I kissed the birdie and he turned into a Popsicle.

This one time, when I was a baby, I went into the yard and found a wolf. I got really scared, but then I ate it. But then the wolf said, “Don’t eat me,” so I didn’t because he was Strawberry Shortcake.

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